Do you have copy that's already written, but it's just not right? Perhaps it's too long, or it's a technical topic that needs to be made reader-friendly. Or maybe it's simply off-message and doesn't speak to the target audience.

As a seasoned copyeditor, I can help you bring out the best in your copy and content—smoothing out jumbles and stumbles, lightening up the jargon load, improving clarity and flow, and making complex content easy to understand.

My services include substantive content edits, light to heavy copyediting, and final proofreading to check for grammar, spelling, typos and discrepancies. Expert editor for large projects, including white papers, annual reports, and other flagship publications.

With Studio K, you can rest easy knowing your copy is clean, clear -- and ready to fly! 

Juvenile Cooper's Hawk. Photo by Katie Sweeney.

Juvenile Cooper's Hawk.
Photo by Katie Sweeney.