Client: AT&T/Grapevine Communications 

Assignment: Write copy for an internal communications story aimed at AT&T’s Network Services West Division. The goal: showcase the work of a then-new group of technicians installing AT&T’s U-Verse service, a key priority for the company.

A Day in the Life of…
Morris Morning, Premise Technician

Even in early October, Premise Technician Morris Morning already had several invites for Thanksgiving dinner—all from happy customers thrilled with their new U-Verse service. 

“Once it’s installed, they get so excited,” says Morris, known as “Mo” to his friends and customers. “They want to tip you, they ask if you can stay for dinner, they invite you for Thanksgiving. I tell them I’m just happy to install their service.” 

Mo joined AT&T as a premise technician in the spring and works in the Glendale/Burbank area in Southern California. His day officially begins at 8 a.m. at the office, where he receives the day’s work assignments, attends a meeting with other technicians, loads up with supplies, checks on the previous day’s customers by phone and calls his first customer of the day. 

Once at the home, Mo reviews the work order with the customer, does a site survey and gets to work, first installing the U-Verse TV service and then the high-speed Internet access. Installations at newer and remodeled homes typically take two to three hours because they have newer cabling. An installation at an older home, however, could take up to six hours if new wiring is needed. 

The best moment, though, is turning on the television. “People react just like I did when I first saw it—they’re blown away,” he explains. “The picture is so sharp and detailed. People love it.” 

Once the full installation is complete, Mo reviews everything with the customer, leaves his business card, and takes off for his next call. 

“It’s fun because it’s such a great product,” he says. “I can’t wait until it’s available where I live.”